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Oxford: Cliniscience. 2013 ISBN 978-92-89658-26-6. Note: Review written by Jakub Darymowycz – PhD in Neurology and Neurophysiology – Former scientific editor of British Journal of Neurosurgery (2010-2012). This paper aims to present critical aspects of the epidemiology of chronic pain. Chronic pain is now recognized as the most common clinical problem in the general population and has been the subject of intense study in medicine. However, the critical points have not been emphasized enough. The past, present and future The most important point is the fact that chronic pain is of a recent clinical origin, since acute pain and disability have been documented in ancient history. The first description of chronic pain was made by Rufus of Ephesus (in 500 AD) and the first hospital was built in Siena, Italy, for the treatment of chronic pain in 1350. But a recent, important aspect has been neglected in the studies of chronic pain. I would like to demonstrate the critical aspects of chronic pain by means of an epidemiological study from Krakow. Therefore, this is a short review and history of the problem of chronic pain. The main objective of this paper was to demonstrate the problem and aspects of chronic pain and to emphasize the fact that it has not been sufficiently taken into account. The objective is clear: a more detailed and critical analysis of the problem of chronic pain. Let us begin with some historic data on the subject. Pain has always existed. From the beginning of life, it has been of paramount importance for the survival of the child and for the way of life of the whole human race. It is therefore necessary to know the history of chronic pain. However, there are some studies on the subject. Coffin, in 1942, published a book on “From Head to Toe: Pain” (1). In that book, he described and analysed different types of chronic pain. He listed them in three groups: general pain, visceral pain and neuropathic pain. Then in a classic work, Goldberg described and analysed the history of pain research from ancient times to the twentieth century. (2) He mentioned that the history of pain research began with Sushruta (India, 800 BC). The main factors that influenced the evolution of the clinical problem of pain were two.




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Zdrowie W Niezdrowym benlash

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